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Are Your Products Really Handcrafted in the USA?

Yes, we handcraft the products in a small factory right here in the USA using strong North American steer hides. Some parts of the process are done by hand and some by machine. 

Will My Laptop Fit in Your ____________ Bag?

We get this question a lot. When we say that a bag will fit a certain size laptop, we mean two things. First, we're giving a diagonal measurement, which is how the manufacturer of the laptop describes it. For example, a 13" MacBook is not actually 13" wide (it's slightly less). Second, we're usually referring to the intended laptop space within the bag. Some of our bags have laptop sleeve/compartments built in, so we are talking about fitting the laptop in there. 

Answering this question is a bit tricky because laptops also vary in thickness. So if you have a thick laptop, it may take up more room within the laptop compartment. Another way to measure would be to take the width of the bag and subtract 1.5". That should give you the maximum width the bag can handle without stretching the bag out of shape. Remember, this would be the actual width of the device, not the diagonal screen width. For example, our Briefcase is 17" wide, and we say that it will easily fit a 15" MacBook (which is 14.13" wide). It will likely fit laptops that are wider too. But we suggest allowing a 1.5" buffer from the total width of the bag. 

Do You Ship to My Country?

Most likely, yes. We've shipped bags to nearly every continent on Earth. We ship to most places in the world. For more on our shipping policies, click here

Can You Customize One of Your Products for Me?

No, unfortunately, we don't offer custom work. In order to keep our prices reasonable, we must produce our products in batches.  

Will You Monogram My Initials on the Product for Me?

At this time, we do not offer monogramming. However, our leather does take a stamp well, so any local shop experienced in leather monogramming should be able to do it very easily.

I Want to Order Several of Your Products for Corporate/Client/Employee Gifts, Do You Sell in Large Quantity?

Will You Personalize Them if I Order in Large Quantity?

Yes and yes! Our products make excellent gifts for your company to give out. We can even personalize the logo for you. To find out more about our corporate gift program, click here.

Are Your Bags Heavy to Carry?

We do use thick full grain leather, which is heavier than cheap thin leather. However, most of our bags are unlined and have a minimal, clean design. So they are not weighed down with a bunch of other stuff. We also use a lighter version of leather in many parts of our bags, or even the whole bag in some cases. The result is that the weight of our bags is very normal and not too heavy.

Do You Ever Have Sales or Discounts?

Nope. We've trimmed all the fat out of the bag building business. We use only the finest materials and labor to make our products and sell them directly to you online without middlemen. We don't have huge markups or inflated keystone pricing. Our competitors sell premium bags for 2 to 3 times what we charge. But we've chosen to provide value and consistency in our pricing. To learn more about our pricing model, click here.

The one exception is our (not so) secret deals. We do have some products with extra "character" that are available at a discount, to learn more click here.

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