About Us



When I was a boy, I spent many summers on my Grandpa Wayne’s cattle farm. But it wasn’t a family farm. It was what I call a gentleman’s cattle ranch.

You see, my Grandpa grew up in poverty on a farm owned by a much wealthier family. Growing up during the Great Depression as a “hired-hand” on someone else’s land was about as glamorous as it sounds. Determined to pull himself out of poverty, Wayne worked hard for many years, eventually becoming postmaster in his small town. Along the way, he saved and invested with the goal of one day buying his own land to raise cattle, which is exactly what he did. It was the classic American Dream.

The land was a bucolic expanse of rolling hills, pasture and wooded area. He loved that land, going to great lengths to maintain it in perfect condition. The cattle were cared for like children. The grass was always mowed, the fences always maintained. Details mattered to him. If something was worth doing, it was worth doing right. Though it was a working cattle ranch, it felt more like a park.

I loved helping out whenever I could and spending time with him there. I came to appreciate what it means to work hard and be intentional with your time and money. Wayne was always intentional with his money. He would buy a few nice things and take care of them, always choosing quality over quantity. He had a particular fondness for quality leather goods. Any big event in my life was commemorated with a high-quality leather gift. He loved leather. The first leather patina I ever saw was his 50-year-old first baseman’s mitt. When I graduated from law school, my Grandpa gave me my first leather briefcase and told me one day he’d carry it up the Supreme Court steps for me. I eventually left law behind and we never made it to the Supreme Court before he passed. But I like to think the dream lives on in Jackson Wayne. One day a customer will walk those steps with a Jackson Wayne briefcase in hand.

We apply these principles in everything we make. Our materials are intentional, choosing to use only the Top 1% of leather. We source U.S. steerhides like my Grandpa raised. And we use solid brass hardware – nearly unheard of these days. Each design is meticulously thought out, tested, retested and refined with perfection as the aim. We want our customers to own something of substance and cherish it for years to come.

We’re a family business based in historic Franklin, Tennessee – a town that embodies Americana. It’s an efficient operation with my son Jackson using any extra boxes laying around the warehouse to build forts. We’d love to have you be a part of our story.


Andrew Lynch, Founder