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Secret Deals

We Never Have Sales or Discounts, Except for This...

Okay, so it's not such a big secret. But you can only find these deals on this website.

Demo (Demonstration) Items

A Demo item means it may have been gently handled, displayed in a photo shoot, or similar. This is a new item, never before owned, and in excellent condition. You may notice very minor evidence of handling, or you may not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this item structurally and it is still backed by our warranty. 

Demo items represent an incredible value because you are essentially getting a new item for much less. But we typically only have a few and may not get any more. They are sold on a first come, first served basis. 

Blemish Items

Our products are all handcrafted in a small American factory. Our leather is sourced from North American steers and each hide is as unique as the bovine brother that donated it. There is always slight variation among handcrafted products. After all, that's why you buy handcrafted leather products - for their character and uniqueness. In fact, it's pretty darn cool that the product you buy will be the only one in the world that is exactly like it.

Occasionally, these natural processes will yield a product that is a little more "unique" than customers might expect. It may have a more prominent blemish or other cosmetic anomaly. While these items are perfectly functional and durable like all of our other products, we don't feel right about charging customers full price on these.

So if you're okay with a cosmetic blemish and want to save some money, shop our blemish items below. If we have a blemish version of a particular product, it will be listed here. 

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