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Minimalist Wallet

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Saddle Tan
Vintage Brown

A minimalist wallet has to accomplish the impossible: 1) slim, but lot’s of storage; 2) minimal design, but well engineered; 3) not cheap & flimsy, but shouldn’t break the bank. With an innovative design and old school American engineering, we’ve created a Minimalist Wallet that strikes the perfect balance. You don't know how much you've been needing this until you carry it for a day. A little bigger than a credit card, its unique pocket-within-pocket design is loaded with storage without being bulky. Dual card slots on both sides with a card/cash pouch in the middle. Handcrafted in the USA so it's built to last.

  • Full grain vegetable tanned leather
  • Unlined leather interior
  • Dye finished edges
  • Heavy gauge bonded Nylon thread for long term durability, stronger than the polyester & cotton thread used in most mass-market wallets
  • Unique pocket-within-pocket design for maximum storage and minimum bulk
  • Easily holds 6 cards, license & cash
  • Card slots are tiered to allow easy card retrieval 
  • Perfect front pocket (or any pocket) wallet
  • Dimensions: Length 4.25", Width 2.75", Height 0.375" when empty
  • Weight: 1.1oz
  • Backed by our Real Deal Warranty
  • Free domestic shipping & returns; international shipping available
  • Made in USA

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Not only are our products handcrafted right here in the USA, but we use strong North American steer hides.

Because we use only the highest quality full grain vegetable tanned leather, our leather is rich in character and the surface is natural, not sanded or altered. This means you may see naturally occurring small scars, creases, and striations. These minor markings are not flaws, they are features and a hallmark of quality leather.

The leather also has natural color variation. No two hides are identical. So you may notice some color variation even among products that are the same color. The leather may look slightly different in different light, etc. This is part of the natural variation of the hide. But we can assure you, the leather looks even richer and more beautiful in person!

Saddle Tan is a medium/dark tan color that is absolutely eye-catching in person. It shows a natural marbling and depth of character that is quite unique.

Vintage Brown is a rich dark brown color. It also demonstrates some marbling and depth of character you won't find in most dark browns. It looks like an old-school vintage leather, which accounts for the name.

Black is a solid black color on both sides of the leather.

Our leather will become even more beautiful as it ages, developing a rich patina. The leather is very durable and can take most anything life throws at it, but proper care and maintenance is recommended. We offer a specially formulated, all-natural leather cream that works wonderfully with our leather.

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Quality is Guaranteed

What Makes a Quality Leather Product?

We use 100% vegetable tanned full grain leather made from strong American steer hides - the best you can get. Less than 10% of leather is made this way. Watch a video

We use solid brass, antique finish, hardware. An old-school rarity. Most bag makers use cheap metals or even plastic hardware.

We use heavy gauge, industrial strength, bonded thread to make our leather goods. It may be overkill, but that's what we do.

Real Luxury. Realistic Prices.

Making the best possible leather products is only an achievement if they’re attainable for most people. And that’s what we’ve done with our unique business model.

This level of quality materials would cost at least twice as much at other retailers. By streamlining the process and selling directly to you online, we’re making luxury-level leather goods attainable.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?   

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