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What is Italian Leather, isn't it Supposed to be the Best?

Italian Leather Sofa

Ahhhh, Italian leather. It’s the best, right? Maybe, maybe not. Italian leather is just leather from Italy.

Now, historically, the Italians have done a great job tanning leather the right way. For centuries, this meant vegetable tanning the leather and taking great care in the process along the way. Because of this dedication to old world techniques and vegetable tanned leather, Italian leather earned a reputation as being great leather.

In the more modern era, many have sought to capitalize on that reputation by simply finishing the leather in Italy and stamping it Italian leather. The definition has even gotten stretched to include chrome tanned leather and others. 

So, are there excellent quality vegetable tanned leathers coming out of Italy still? Absolutely. Are all leathers coming out of Italy awesome? No, not necessarily.

Italian leather still enjoys a pretty solid reputation in the furniture and fashion industry, but its meaning has been seriously watered down. The key to super premium leather is hide selection/origin, the tannage (tanning method), and attention to detail during the process. The leather we use meets and exceeds these metrics in all respects. I’d put it up against the very best “Italian leather” any day.