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What is Bonded Leather?

warning about bonded leather

Bonded leather isn’t really leather. It’s the particleboard of the leather world. But that’s insulting to particleboard. Bonded leather is usually scrap pieces of leather reconstituted with chemicals and plastics into something that is supposed to look like leather but is really more of a plastic than a leather product. When you touch bonded leather, you are literally touching plastic.

It looks like a laminated tablecloth.

It’s not durable, doesn’t age well, won’t patina, doesn’t have a great leather smell, etc. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common in the fashion industry. I don’t want to spend much time on it because if you’re visiting our site, you probably aren’t interested in bonded leather products anyway.

But I will say one thing: watch out for it. A lot of people throw leather terms around that can be confusing. Some sales people will sell it as a leather product when it really isn’t.