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The Story Behind the Duffle Bag

Our Duffle Bag may look minimal in design aesthetic, but each detail was carefully thought out and planned. Every feature and material used is intentional. We wanted to build the perfect Duffle, one that balances minimal design aesthetic with modern functionality, using materials second to none.

The overall design of the Duffle Bag was inspired by duffle and weekender bags from the 1930’s to 1940’s. We incorporated many of the design queues and structures from that era but built our Duffle Bag to be a slightly modern interpretation. So it’s not a replica, but it is heavily inspired by that era. We didn’t want to do a replica piece because it would not be practical in today’s world. For example, our Duffle is specifically designed to accommodate your smart phone, chargers, boarding passes, etc. It also comes with a shoulder strap to free up your hands, which was not common back then, but is crucial in today’s world. 

The Specific Type of Leather Used

Weight & Thickness

For the Duffle, we use varying weights from 4 to 10 oz. of our full grain vegetable tanned leather. For reference, a 6 ounce piece of leather is usually about 2.4 mm thick. We use a different thicknesses on different parts of the bag to ensure durability without making it too heavy.

Our selection was very intentional. We experimented with different thicknesses and determined that these varying weights were the perfect choice for this bag. Because this is a bag that will get tossed around a lot, we needed the leather to be durable yet pliable. It’s also a larger bag and we didn’t want it to be unnecessarily heavy - varying weights solved both of these issues.

When you pick up this bag, you’ll instantly know you’re holding something unique. It doesn’t feel flimsy or mushy like most mass-market duffle bags. Yet, it’s not as heavy as its solid construction would suggest. It feels substantial, like something that will last a long time – because it will. 


The finish of our leather for this bag has three elements.

First, the front side of the leather is our pure full grain vegetable tanned leather. This leather is durable and rich in character, aging beautifully with a deep patina. It's often used in the equestrian industry. Our leather is 100% vegetable tanned - less than 10% of the world's leather is tanned this way. The leather is also gently distressed, which makes it more pliable and creates a very rich character.

Second, the backside of our leather is refinished. This is a very important step and one of the things that makes our bag so unique. Refinishing refers to the art of staining and texturizing the backside of a leather hide after it has been split or cut to the desired thickness.

(Note, we do NOT split from the top side, only from the bottom side. So the leather is not weakened at all; it is just a sizing adjustment. In fact, nearly all leather is split this way at some point because an un-split hide can be 13 oz. or more, making it way too thick for any normal uses.)

Third, the edges of our bag are dye finished. The Duffle Bag is by nature a casual bag but can be used in professional settings if needed. We wanted a bag that was rugged and refined, all while paying homage to the 1930’s & 40’s bags. So we have finished the edges with a dye that leaves a somewhat rugged edge to the bag. We’ve also turned in the edges in some places to break up the aesthetic.


We use a top shelf lining that is second to none. You would be hard pressed to find a lining this good in any mass-market bag or even most high-end bags. It’s a 10.10oz. army duck canvas that is water repellent. This lining is the same thickness as many bag makers use for the outside of the bag! In other words, it’s an extremely durable lining.

It’s probably overkill, but I can't tolerate cheap linings that rip so I wanted to make sure we did the opposite of that for this bag. The lining is made in America by a heritage textile manufacturer. If you want to know more about this company, click here.


Saddle Tan is a medium/dark tan color that is absolutely eye-catching in person. It shows a natural marbling and depth of character that is unmatched. 

Vintage Brown is a darker, rich brown color. It also demonstrates some color variation throughout and a depth of character you won't find in most dark browns. It looks like an old-school vintage leather, which accounts for the name.

Best of all, they both pair nicely with our Pine Green canvas lining. 


We use antique brass hardware throughout. We also use a custom American made heavy-duty zipper. When you zip this bag, it feels solid; it practically zips itself. Even the inside pocket uses the same heavy-duty zipper. There are no cheap or fake closures that will break. Our shoulder strap uses a buckle just like a belt. I prefer this to the sliders that are common in the mass-market bags. It seems like the sliders always slide when they’re not supposed to. With our buckle, you can set it and forget it.


We use heavy gauge bonded Nylon thread. This thread is so strong, they used to use similar threads in parachutes during WWII. The thread we use is stronger than the cotton and polyester thread used in most other bags. And we went with a heavier gauge than necessary for added durability and aesthetic. Our master leather crafters who make our bags also use the best stitching and finishing techniques to ensure that the thread won’t fray and unravel like so many other bags.


Despite its fairly minimal design, this Duffle is actually packed with some very useful features. Here’s a list of some of the key features: 

  • The top grab handles are rounded to fit your clenched hand comfortably, double-layered, stitched & riveted for durability.
  • The shoulder strap pad is double layered for comfort and durability.
  • We included pull tabs on either end of the zipper for easy open/close, as well as a leather pull handle on the zipper slider.
  • The backside features a convenient pocket for your smart phone, boarding pass or other items you may want quick access to without opening/closing the bag.
  • Inside features a large durable built in zipper pocket for your personal items, charging cords, etc.
  • The main interior area is quite large and can be filled to capacity, while still easily zipped shut with our heavy duty zipper.
  • Water repellent, thick army canvas lining that will hold up.

There was a lot of attention to detail that went into developing this Duffle Bag. And while it has the look of a classic Duffle, it’s versatile enough to use it as a weekend bag or carryall.

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