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Must Have Accessories for Business Travel


by Dave Johnson

If your job requires you to travel a lot, you understand the need for quality-of-life improvements with your travel accessories and gear. Having something break, a battery fail, a zipper catch, or a button pop can overly complicate a simple trip, and ruin it quickly. That’s why I think it’s important to buy high quality items sooner rather than later. I know I’ve been guilty of buying cheap over quality, rationalizing to myself that the extra cash wouldn’t be worth it for something so simple. And, of course, I would later kick myself when I had to deal with that item breaking, and had to buy the same item twice. A wise man once said, “Buy quality, hurt once.” I should have listened to him.

Today I want to go over a few high-quality accessories for your next business trip. These are all essential accessories on their own, but having high-quality options takes the headache out of the buying choices.


Every good trip starts with great luggage. Of course, depending on how long your business trip is will determine how big your luggage is, but assuming you are staying for a couple of days, my suggestion would be the Duffle Bag ($599) by Jackson Wayne. This bag is a thing of beauty, and what’s more, it’s a thing of ruggedness too. This is not a bag that will rip, tear, or fall apart on you. Like everything Jackson Wayne makes, these bags are made with the best quality leather: full grain, vegetable tanned leather, and handcrafted in the USA. All of the stitching and hardware is just as stout. It’s also fully lined on the inside with thick canvas which won’t rip on you like some cheaper bags. This bag is deceptively spacious, and I’ve held a lot more in it than I would have thought. For business travel, I think it’s important that your accoutrements are both durable and stylish. This is just that and more. The best part, you can take it on a plane as a carryon, because it’s airline compliant.


When you need a good laptop bag or briefcase for travelling, smaller is better. So I recommend the Attache Laptop Case ($299) by Jackson Wayne, which has quickly become one of my favorite bags. It’s based on an old design from the 1930s, but is updated to fit modern-day laptops. I’ve found this bag to be an indispensable bag for carrying essential daily items. It’s perfect for travelling, because it’s easy to take on a plane. Like I mentioned before, smaller is better when travelling, and the Attaché is just enough to hold all the important stuff without needing the extra bulk of a larger briefcase. I find that that this Attache is perfect for men and women both because of its subdued aesthetic. But at the same time, it’s a really eye-catching piece that works perfectly for any kind of attire, which is exactly the kind of versatility you need for a business trip.

Passport Wallet

With some international trips, you need a wallet that holds passports, cash and cards. And even if you aren’t going out of the country, having a large wallet on hand is a great convenience, especially if you are saving receipts. For that I recommend the Field Notes Journal ($59) by Jackson Wayne. What I love about this wallet is how incredibly versatile it is. First and foremost, it’s a Field Notes journal, so it’s handy at writing down notes, thoughts, doodles, or anything else. But replace the Field Notes booklet with your passport, and it’s a great passport wallet. It’s also a great large wallet in general with enough slots for cards and cash, and fits well in your back pocket. I love this wallet, and I love the Field Notes booklet. I would say, even if you need to store your passport, keep the Field Notes. It’s just great to have.

Business Card Wallet

In any profession, it’s always wise to have business cards with you. I normally keep a couple in my go-to wallet, but after time, they bend and discolor, making it an emergency source of cards. If you are like me, what you really need is a dedicated business card wallet. And I think the perfect wallet for that—especially while travelling—is the Front Pocket Wallet ($29) by Jackson Wayne. It’s a very simple card sleeve that is obviously a great minimalist front pocket wallet, but also a great wallet for business cards. It has a simple cutout on the bottom that allows you push out the cards when you want to grab one. It’s a great little wallet that is light as a feather and disappears in your pocket, but is rugged enough to protect your business cards.

Business travel can be exhausting at times, but don’t let your accessories and gear add to the stress of a business trip. Buy quality and hurt once.

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