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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 4 Ideas


by Dave Johnson 


I’ve been married for over ten years now (knock on wood), and my wife and I have two beautiful kids, the oldest of which is six now. That means that I’ve had the pleasure of buying my wife Mother’s Day gifts six times over the years we’ve been together. At first, it’s always easy, you go all out and buy gifts that brings tears to her eyes. Year two is impossible, because now you have to top last year’s Nobel-Peace-Prize tier gift. Since then, every year has brought its own challenges for gift ideas. For instance, this year I have absolutely no clue what to get her. I’ve even gone as far as blatantly asking her, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” To which she replies, “I don’t know,” which is about as helpful as you would think.

As for my mom, forget about it. I have no stinkin’ clue. My mom is even harder to shop for. Maybe yours is too. Or maybe you have a mother that is extremely easy to shop for, and you are batting a thousand for your Mother’s Day gifts. For that, I say this: I hate you.

But in all seriousness, today I just wanted to write about a few of the pieces that Jackson Wayne sells that would be great gift ideas for your mom. I think Jackson Wayne has some incredible pieces for men, pieces that really resonate with that masculine aesthetic for me personally, and probably many other men. But Jackson Wayne has some products that really nail a feminine aesthetic and make great gift ideas, too.

Tote Bag

Next is the Tote Bag ($299). This is an obvious choice for many women. My wife is a teacher, so she uses a cloth tote bag every single day. Having one in leather is just an uber-luxurious way of carrying things to school and back. And if your mom or wife is a teacher, she’ll be the talk of the school with this bag. But even if she isn’t, this is an extremely useful and practical bag for anyone. The Tote Bag is gorgeous. It’s a simple bag—what you see is mostly what you get. The one exception being that the Jackson Wayne has added an isolated inside pocket. The main compartment is very large, which is what you want in a tote. At ten inches, the handles are long, meaning it’s easy to throw on your shoulders for heavy loads. My personal favorite part of this bag is just the large slabs of leather. With such large swaths of leather, you can really see a lot of the natural variation in the color and texture, which is gorgeous.

Attache Laptop Case

The Attache Laptop Case ($299) might be somewhat of a curveball here, but I really think it’s a great idea. Something about its aesthetic differentiates itself from some of the other Jackson Wayne bags. I think some of the others look masculine, while this has more of a unisex or gender-neutral look, which I really like, here. Because of that, it’s an easy bag to suggest to women who want a bag that actually works. So many bags for women are terrible quality. If your mother wants a high-quality laptop case, while not looking too masculine for her, I think the Attache is perfect. Even without a laptop, it’s a great small briefcase that has a lot of character and appeal, with a great practical design. I have an Attache, and it’s one of my favorite pieces from Jackson Wayne.

Bourbon & Wine Bag

leather bourbon & wine tote bagMy last choice is the Bourbon Bag ($475). This is obviously the most expensive choice, but I really think it’s the cream of the crop out of these choices. When Jackson Wayne created their Bourbon Bag, I knew it would be an instant classic—and it has been. It’s a unique idea for a leather bag, but has a lot of usefulness, especially if you mother likes wine (or spirits), and maybe enjoys picnics. The Bourbon Bag will obviously hold bourbon bottles and other spirits in similarly-sized bottles, but it also holds wine bottles perfectly. The inside is tall and spacious, with bottle holders that will fit a variety of bottle sizes, wine, spirits, even large beer bottles. The design is similar to Jackson Wayne’s Messenger bag with the simple posted closure—perfect for this bag. This bag also has exterior bottle holders that can hold small bottles, like beer bottles or glasses. This is a great bag for moms with discerning tastes.

So there’s a few ideas for you. As usual, these bags are top quality, with full-grain vegetable tanned leather, top rate construction, and they will last. They’re the best. And, really, isn’t that what you want to give your mother in the first place? She gave you her best, and we should give her the best in our appreciation. To all the mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day.

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