Leather Resources

leather resources

Researching and buying leather products can be a daunting task. So we set out to make that process a little easier with these helpful leather guides. Self described "Jackson Wayne fanboy" and men's gear and fashion guru Dave Johnson has helped us put these together and his writing is as entertaining as it is on point. 

dave johnson The topics tend to focus on lifestyle, fashion, gifts, and other practical issues that arise when considering leather goods. Leather has a bit of a mystique around it and many people aren't quite sure how to work it into their style or daily routine. We try to break that all down for you in this section. These leather buying guides will cover topics from gift ideas, to how to pair a briefcase with a suit, to what the heck is an Attache and how to use one, and many other topics.  

If you're looking for more of the nuts and bolts of leather and manufacturing topics, we suggest you check out our Leather 101 section to familiarize yourself with how leather is made and the quality issues to look for. That section does a deep dive into the world of leather and dispels many of the myths out there, while providing some solid info on leather that can help you evaluate your options. 

We'll be adding to these from time to time, so be sure to check back. Or, if you have a topic idea, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll try to cover it on the next edition. 


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