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Leather Care & Maintenance

Leather care can vary a little bit depending on the type of leather you’re talking about. For this article, we’re talking about caring for our vegetable tanned leather.

Right out of the box, you probably won’t need to do anything to our leather. However, as time goes on, the leather will change/evolve, which may or may not make you want to do something to it. I’m being kind of ambiguous about this because it’s really a matter of personal taste. How beat up do you want your bag to look? Lot’s of people think the more scratches, marks, wear, the better the character.

But here are the big picture things you need to be aware of in caring for your leather item.

Excessive Dryness

Dry skin is unhappy skin. Same goes for leather. Over time, leather could get a bit dried out. Over a very long time, it could get very dried out. So occasionally, you may want to restore some of that moisture to the leather. A great way to do that is our leather cream. It is chock full of all natural waxes and oils that leather drinks up. It can really help restore old/dried leather.

Restoring moisture will also help soften the leather a bit. Note that when I talk about restoring moisture, I am NOT talking about water. I’m talking about oils. Just like your car, leather runs on oil - not water. 

Excessive Moisture 

Conversely, excessive moisture can be a problem. People sometimes get a little freaked out about moisture and leather. They’re afraid of even a single raindrop. But you don’t have to worry that much. It’s not that our leather can't handle some raindrops, it’s that you want to avoid excessive/repeat moisture. You don’t want to go scuba diving with your leather bag. Exposure to excessive moisture could warp the leather and alter the coloring.

Fortunately, it’s pretty much just common sense. Treat your bag like you care about it and it will be fine. I’ve had our leather in the rain before and had no issues whatsoever. But would I leave the bag outside in the rain while I go inside for a couple hours? No.

Our leather is sealed and has some natural waxes and oils in it already, so there is some water resistance built in. But you should always try to avoid moisture when possible. If you live in a particularly rainy environment, you may want to consider some extra waterproofing. So what product is good at helping waterproof your bag? Our leather cream of course. It has natural beeswax that can really help in that regard.


Your leather will get scratches, it’s just a fact of life. I personally think the scratches are cool and add a lot of character. And I’m not alone in that thinking. However, there are options to repair/reduce scratches if they bother you. Again, a shameless plug for our leather cream. Restoring natural oils is a great way to repair scratches and minimize them. 

The bottom line is leather care isn’t something you should lose sleep over. My recommendation is get a small tin of our leather cream or another product you trust and just use common sense. It’s really not much work at all.

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