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Best Law School Graduation Gift: A Lawyer’s Briefcase (For Everyone)

law school graduation gift idea: a lawyer's briefcase

by Dave Johnson

With graduation season coming up, I thought it might be a great idea to showcase something that some of the graduating law students would want. Jackson Wayne has many great products you can use as graduation gifts, but one great idea that works with anyone—law degree or not—is a good briefcase.

Like many people, I have no background in law. The bulk of my exposure to the court system has largely been what I’ve seen on TV. And though binge-watching Daredevil on Netflix is entertaining, I realize it’s not an accurate portrayal of a lawyer’s job—though it would be cool to have an attorney who moonlighted as a vigilante by night. But, regardless, I still know a lawyer, and so do you. Whether they are your friend, relative, or your own attorney, you know one. And you also know that there are two things that a lawyer always has: a suit and a briefcase. Always. And since Jackson Wayne doesn’t sell suits, let’s talk about my favorite briefcase—though leather suits would be pretty sweet.

The Brief History

The modern briefcase originated from a law background. Since lawyers needed something—a case, as it were—to carry their briefs to present to court, the briefcase was formed and so named. Jackson Wayne’s briefcase also has a similar story behind it.

Andrew Lynch, the founder of Jackson Wayne, once was a lawyer and had owned several briefcases in his career, most of them being of questionable quality and would fall apart quickly. Then one day he stumbled upon a picture of a vintage lawyer’s briefcase from the 40s and fell in love. That started the hunt for a new briefcase that had the perfect vintage look, while also being high quality and durable enough to last a lifetime.

In his search, he talked with lawyer colleagues who owned similar bags. They became pieces to brag about while talking “war stories” with other lawyers. He then bought a couple of briefcases online that were over seventy-five years old. When they arrived, he was stunned at how well they had held up. Andrew set out to make old school leather briefcases and bags like those, bags that would hold up over time and only get better with age.

Fast-forward in time, and Andrew Lynch starts Jackson Wayne making his ideal briefcase, inspired by classic lawyer briefcases from the 20s and 40s, with the best quality everything and a design he thinks you will love as much as he does. 

Accessory To Leather

There are many leather bags on the market today, and searching for a good one can be an overwhelming task. So what is it about this briefcase that makes it so great? Well, everything.

Start with the leather: they’re made with thick, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather sourced from American steers. This is the very best quality leather, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. When this briefcase arrives at your door, it will be a little stiff at first. But it will break in and loosen up over time, much like your favorite baseball glove or belt. The leather retains the original character from the cow’s hide, and because of that, each piece will be a little different. You might get marbling, minor creases, stretch marks, or even scars. These are all hallmarks of high quality full grain leather. Over time, this leather will patina and age with grace, showing all the stories it’s made over the years. If you think it looks good brand new, just wait a couple of years. That’s when it will really start to open up. Heck, it even smells great!

Next, the threads. Maybe this isn’t something you would think about at first, but having quality threads is vital for a well-made bag since that’s what holds it together. Jackson Wayne uses bonded nylon thread, which is far better than cotton or polyester thread. This is similar to the thread used to make parachutes, so you know people are trusting their lives with the strength of this thread.

Next, the hardware. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so is a bag. It’s always a pet peeve of mine when a bag has a great design, and maybe even great leather, but then has crappy hardware. Jackson Wayne knows what’s up, and they have antique brass, beefy hardware that is durable and also happens to look great.

On top of all that, it’s made in the USA, and comes at a price that is half or a third as much as its competitors.

The Bar

So what do I personally think? Well, as an admitted Jackson Wayne fanboy, it’s no surprise that I love it. There are few briefcases that have as much charm, utility, looks, and quality as this one does. It has a somewhat minimal design aesthetic that looks elegant, with all the interior space you need, with some pockets for phones, business cards, pens, your laptop, and even a back pocket for anything else. It doesn’t sacrifice quality at any step, nor does it sacrifice its aesthetic for quality. Overall, it’s just a great design.

No matter who you are, this will work for you. If you are a lawyer, you can be assured that this bag was designed and built by a lawyer and is perfect for your next court adventure. It looks professional, conveys confidence, makes a good first impression, and won’t fall apart. If you aren’t a lawyer, this bag still has you covered with all the necessities and durability needed in an heirloom-quality bag. Need a special gift idea for a law school graduate? Look no further.

I know a lawyer. And he made this incredible briefcase you need to see that just raised the bar for quality, craftsmanship, and price.


See the Briefcase Here

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