7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: From Leather to Denim to Steel


by Dave Johnson 


Being a dad of two, Father’s Day means a lot to me. The appreciation for putting in the hard work of fatherhood is reward enough, but I do admit getting gifts is cool, too. Obvious enough, dads are different than moms. So, getting your dad a gift for Father’s Day needs to be considered in a different light. Whereas most moms love sentimental gifts, dads usually prefer more practical ones. Mom wants the picture, dad wants the camera. Today I want to give several gift ideas for Father’s Day, so let’s jump in.

Versatile Leather Shoes: Allen Edmonds Strand Cap-Toe Oxford

allen edmonds cap-toe oxford shoe in walnut leatherFirst, I always recommend shoes. And some of the best I have seen are from Allen Edmonds. Most of their shoes are fantastic, but if you had to pick only one, go for the Strand Cap-Toe Oxford ($425). The walnut color goes well with almost anything, from casual to dressy, as does the cap-toe brogue combo design. Not only do they look incredible and are made with incredible craftsmanship, they are very comfortable too. The 360 degree Goodyear welt and calfskin leather lining makes these babies feel like a luxurious cradle for his feet. They aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Upgrade Dad’s Jeans to a Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch democratic jean in cone mills selvageEvery dad needs a good pair of jeans. Jeans are just a great catch-all for style. Sometimes dads can be guilty of dressing down too often, and saggy, straight-leg jeans—though comfortable—can be a dad’s worst enemy, style-wise. Get a great cut with a great denim, and suddenly his wardrobe upgrades with only one change. My personal favorite jeans are The Democratic Jean by Taylor Stitch ($98). The fit is great: roomy in the thighs, but tapers at the ankles a bit. They’re a very comfy and stylish upgrade to your standard crappy jeans.  

Lion Steel Roundhead Pocket Knives: A Must Have

I’ve given away more pocket knives for new dads than I can even count. They’re the perfect gift. Not only are they useful, but when given as a gift, they carry a powerful message—particularly if you get the right knife. And that’s a barlow. Without going into too much history, barlows are a classic knife that dad would give his son. There are a few barlow designs out there, but one that is easy to find, high quality, modern, and visually stunning is the Lion Steel Roundhead ($100ish). It’s a stunning pocketknife that progresses the traditional pocket knife design with modern materials and a clean aesthetic.

Leather Wallets: A Classic Gift for Dad

If your dad doesn’t have a doorstop-sized wallet packed to the gills with receipts, is he even a dad? I know so many dads with huge wallets, and I have no idea how they even sit down on the things. To top it off, their wallets are always in tatters, on the verge of disintegrating with the next gust of wind. Treat your dad with a wallet that is both smaller in size and higher in quality. Get him the Jackson Wayne Minimalist Wallet ($49). It’s a great small size that allows for six cards, a driver’s license, and cash, and it only weighs about one ounce, so it’s perfect as a front pocket wallet. And because Jackson Wayne uses the best leather and construction, this won’t tear up like every other wallet he’s ever had.









jackson wayne leather bifold walletIf you think he won’t like the minimalist look, then go with the Jackson Wayne Bifold Wallet ($79), which is a very traditional bifold design, but with all the bombproof trappings of Jackson Wayne’s proprietary leather mojo. With thick, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather, as tough as any boot (maybe more so), and heavy-gauge thread, this is not your average bifold. Its ample room easily fits six cards (or more) and cash. And the unlined cash slot has a little grip, keeping cash from flying out. It even comes in black, his favorite wallet color.


If your dad writes a lot, if he uses a notebook at all, or if he needs a good passport wallet, go with the Field Notes Journal by Jackson Wayne ($59). What I love about the Field Notes Journal is that it’s a multi-tasker, essentially three “wallets” in one. For one, you have a great journal, with the included Field Notes notebook and pen slot. But you also have convenient card slots, and a slot that could fit cash, receipts, notes, or a passport. And because of its size, it fits in your back pocket, making it a great choice for a large wallet, too.

A Classically Handsome Leather Briefcase by Jackson Wayne

This is the Gift Dad Really Wants!

jackson wayne bridle leather briefcase

And my last suggestion is the Briefcase by Jackson Wayne ($499). A briefcase is a perfect Father’s Day gift because so many dads need one—or they need a better one. There are many briefcases out there, but Jackson Wayne’s Briefcase is easily the most handsome—and that’s an important feature with something that will be out for everyone to see, and hopefully compliment you on. What I love about this briefcase is that it just has this masculine feel and aesthetic that instantly resonates with every man. Then you have other things like the feel of the leather, which is noticeably better because of its high quality—it’s a tactile quality. Then the smell, which is like the best leather scent we all know and love. And because of its size, it’s like carrying around a leather-scented candle all day, but without the stupid candle. The size is perfect, too, fitting almost any laptop as well as anything else you want to throw in there. And if your dad is tall, it won’t look like a purse on him like some smaller bags do.

Color choice can be crucial, so it comes in black, vintage brown (a rich dark brown), and saddle tan (a light brown). Because of the high-quality leather used in these, they will have natural variations to the leather which can look like striations or marbling in some places, which just adds to the rich look of the leather. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this bag. If you think your dad might use one at all, just get one. He’ll love it.

I’m sure some of these choices helped you. To all the dads out there: thank you. You’re doing a great job. Happy Father’s Day.

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