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Stop Renting Your Briefcase

One of the reasons I started this company is because I got tired of feeling like I was basically renting my briefcase. As a lawyer, the leather briefcases I carried over the years often didn’t hold up long.

You know the drill, you spend a couple hundred bucks on a briefcase, it deteriorates and falls apart in about 2-3 years - if you’re lucky, and it looks like garbage the whole time. These bags were designed with planned obsolescence in mind. They’re actually expected to fail! Essentially, I was just renting cheap bags and never ended up owning anything of value.

I was willing to spend more money for a quality bag and was actively looking for one, but they just didn’t seem to exist. There were a few bag options in the $400 to $600 range, but I learned that most of them got to that price by inflated Keystone Pricing - typical retail markup. In other words: same cheap bag but at a higher price. 

Yet I couldn’t wrap my head around spending $1,000 to $2,000+ for a single “designer” bag, even if it meant higher quality, which was a pretty big IF. 

When I was practicing law, I would occasionally meet an old lawyer with an even older briefcase. During the proverbial telling of war stories, his briefcase was often on the front lines. We’ve all seen pictures of old lawyer briefcases, they’re sort of iconic. So I started looking. I found a couple of really old ones online and ordered them. 

When I got them, I was shocked at how well they held together despite being 50-75 years old. That’s when I set out to learn everything I could about what made them so good, the type of leather used, etc. The result = Jackson Wayne Leather Goods.

We use that same type of leather, full grain vegetable tanned leather. Less than 10% of the world’s leather is made this way. And even fewer briefcases are made this way. Of course, there’s a lot of other factors that go into a quality bag. But our goal is to create that old school leather bag that has real longevity to it. One that ages well, one that you don’t have to replace frequently, and one that hits a price range attainable for most.

The leather bag landlords aren’t happy!